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Making data management more efficient

A customer journey tailored to the target group is essential when it comes to selling effectively. And the decisive nudge is usually done nowadays through product information.

Making data management more efficient2020-07-24T13:18:39+02:00

Avoiding mistakes in a PIM project

Digitisation requires new, optimised and automated processes. Digital technology is reshaping every aspect of business. As customers are becoming more and more demanding, you need to reconsider existing structures and re-evaluate responsibilities.

Avoiding mistakes in a PIM project2020-05-12T09:57:28+02:00

How product information changes our lives

Product information is like advertising: it is always there, wherever we are. We are often not aware of it - or take it for granted. Prices at the gas station, food ingredients, our new sports shoes' care instructions.

How product information changes our lives2019-10-25T12:20:42+02:00

The challenge of managing product data

Many global brands are undergoing some major changes to better equip themselves for the future. Whereas their corporate strategies were, so far, rather product-driven, they are now increasingly focused on product marketing activities.

The challenge of managing product data2019-10-25T12:22:03+02:00
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