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We interviewed a selection of software vendors about their differentiators, target groups and future trends. Find out what Sven Munk, SVP Global Technologies & Alliances at Contentserv global, said in response.

Which digital trends are relevant for Contentserv and your customers? What effect do they have and/or what developments can be expected for your product and/or company as a result?

Firstly, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is an important topic for us and our customers: this starts with the integration of external product data, its cleansing, the merging and consolidation of related data. It is also used for keywording, data quality assurance, highly automated text creation and translations. AI functionalities provide significant support in automating, simplifying and accelerating processes related to the creation, enrichment and provision of product content. However, AI can also be used to collect and analyse large amounts of data, which in turn can be used to derive recommendations for action and forecasts for an optimal customer approach. We already offer corresponding functionalities in the system or specifically link them to our platform to simplify our customers’ daily work, guarantee scalability and support them in delivering the right content to the right touchpoints.

Furthermore, we see the personalised customer approach as a significant trend. Today’s customers expect more and more offers that are individually customised, with all the information that is relevant to them as well as in at the time and place. And these offers should be “frictionless”. Customers want a seamless, effortless shopping experience that is simple, effective and connected to an emotionally compelling experience. No searching, no waiting, no commitment. This includes making complementary, relevant offers and articles directly and easily available as “shoppable content” as well. And – thinking one step further – offers in the future must reflect the needs, preferences and interests of a potential customer in the product presentation provided specifically for them, depending on the situation, and thus offer a genuine customer experience. This turns shoppers into loyal customers and advocates. We are at the starting point for making this happen.

Last but not least, we see – especially due to the current prevailing situation – an enormous need for accelerated digitalisation of processes around product marketing and sales in order to keep up with the competition. On the corporate side, this has created a tremendous amount of interest in cloud-based, rapidly deployable solutions. You have to be more agile today, focus on appropriate business models and business processes to be able to implement new methods faster, reach new channels and thus new target groups – instead of being stuck in IT projects for years only to realise that the infrastructure is now outdated. For us, this clearly resulted in an enormous boost in sales of our cloud-based PIM/DAM solution and, ultimately, put our strategy for complete transformation into a cloud-native provider first.

Problem-solving orientation: name three distinctive features that stand out your solution from the competition?

  • We offer the #1 time-to-value PIM: our customers can use a productive solution very quickly. With our scalable cloud platform, we offer pre-configured industry packages and connections to a wide range of market-leading systems such as Magento Shop, Amazon, Shopify and many more at the touch of a button. Our standard offers a wide range of options and functions – nothing has to be programmed – you simply configure the system flexibly for your own needs.
  • With our solution, we offer maximum performance in a single platform – PIM, DAM, MDM & Marketing Experience Management as well as the standard integration with a wide range of market-relevant systems and channels.
  • We are pioneers when it comes to digitising and contextualising product experiences. With our product strategy, we think ahead for the long term, while focusing on the success of our customers in the here and now – instead of chasing short-term profits. In doing so, we not only focus on the needs of our customers, but also on those of their end customers.

From which company size is the use of your product management solution beneficial? Is your system optimised for a specific target group?

  • Company size is only one parameter to determine the use of a PIM solution. Strategic expansion plans in terms of internationalisation, transformation of the business model (e.g. from B2B to D2C and multi-channel sales) make PIM / PXM relevant even for smaller but very ambitious companies with ~1000 products or more. A high product variance or complex product structures are also indicators for the use of PIM. From an annual turnover of approx. 75 million €, a PIM becomes essential from our experience.
  • Our core target group is medium-sized companies up to the upper middle class.
  • These can be brand manufacturers and retailers from the B2B and B2C sectors: capital goods and manufacturing, DIY/hardware, electronics, home & garden, fashion & lifestyle, consumer goods.

Where do companies have the greatest need for action today? What do you advise your customers to do in addition to the introduction of a PIM in order to remain fit for the future?

Today more than ever, it is important for companies to take a holistic view of the digitisation of all business processes. The most important guideline should be to place the (end) customer in the focus of all considerations. It is important to understand what their needs are and how these can not only be met, but even exceeded – especially by focusing on a clear and modern product experience.

What opportunities are there to get to know or test your product?

We offer guided online demos as well as individual showcases.


The Product Experience Platform combines PIM, MDM & Marketing Experience Management on a single platform – for true personalised product experiences.

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As SVP Global Technologies & Alliances at Contentserv, Sven Munk leads the global business in the areas of partnerships, technical sales and consulting.

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