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Hansjörg B. Gutensohn is the managing owner of Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH, which offers the product information management solution mediaSolution3. We spoke with him about the distinguishing features and target group of this PIM system and asked what he advises his customers to remain fit for the future.

Which digital trends are relevant for you and your customers? What effect do they have and/or what developments can be expected for your product and/or company as a result?

We have over 65 customers from a wide range of industries with different requirements. For most of them, two digital trends are of particular interest: The topic of artificial intelligence plays a major role for us and our customers, as very large amounts of data can be processed and managed with the use of AI. Whether in the field of automation, translation management or the tagging of images, more and more companies are relying on the integration of artificial intelligence.

And the second big issue our customers face is personalization. B2B buyers expect companies and brands to respond to and understand their requirements and needs. A personalized customer journey is indispensable for the success of product communication and thus for the purchase of a product. With PIM, a tailored omnichannel customer experience with relevant, always up-to-date and correct product information can be achieved.

Given the relevance of these digital trends, we naturally focus on these topics in our product development as well.

Problem-solving orientation: name three distinctive features that stand out your solution from the competition?

  • mediaSolution3 offers a modern, flexible and modular software architecture: With mediaSolution3, our customers receive a modular and complete package that can grow with the demands and requirements of the respective companies. The mS3 suite covers the areas of product data management, catalog and web management, foreign language management and graphics and image data management. The core of the suite is the PIM solution as a prerequisite for successful multi-channel marketing. Depending on requirements, additional modules can be added at any time to achieve a comprehensive customer journey across all sales channels.
  • mS3 is an all-in-one solution for medium-sized businesses: mediaSolution3 is an established and field-tested solution for medium-sized businesses, which is built on standards. More than 65 customers trust in the performance of the software, which is primarily aimed at medium-sized companies in the DACH region.
  • Clear focus on the target group and the user: Goodson has always focused on people and their needs. In accordance with the “Manifesto of Agile Software Development” from 2001, we place individuals and interactions before tools and processes and give more relevance to the collaboration with our customers than to the negotiation of contracts. This has always been very successful ever since we have been in the business and is also very much appreciated by our customers. With our software solution, we also focus on simple, intuitive operation and actual customer benefits. mediaSolution3 offers a wide range of functions that meet the needs of the target group of SMEs, and deliberately omits other functions and enhancements that are not relevant to the objective. This way the system is not overloaded and the development can concentrate on the relevant topics of the target group.

From which company size is the use of your product management solution beneficial? Is your system optimised for a specific target group?

As mentioned above, mediaSolution3 is designed to meet the requirements of SMEs. The focus is on technical wholesale or the manufacturing industry with a focus on B2B business. Currently, mS3 users come from the following industries: automotive, construction/building materials/building technology, chemicals/plastics, services, EDP/IT, electrical/electronics, healthcare/social care, mechanical engineering, medicine/pharmaceuticals, medical technology, furniture, food/agriculture/forestry, textiles, and tools.

Where do companies have the greatest need for action today? What do you advise your customers to do in addition to the introduction of a PIM in order to remain fit for the future?

We still see the greatest need for companies in the consistent management of data. Many data pools or data from several system sources must be merged into one data pool. Furthermore, companies face the challenge that products and product information must be available on the market in the shortest possible time. Incorrect and incomplete data leads to delays in product launches. PIM significantly reduces time-to-market.

We advise all companies: Digitization is an ongoing process, stay tuned! The introduction of PIM is a first and important step, but it is essential to follow it up.

What opportunities are there to get to know or test your product?

Contact us at www.mediaSolution3.com or www.goodson.at and after an initial needs analysis we will create a customized live demo for you.


The modular software solution for your product communication completely covers the areas of catalog and web management, foreign language management, graphics/image data management and product information management (PIM).

Our interview partner

Hansjörg B. Gutensohn is the managing owner of Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH, which is one of the leading providers of PIM solutions in German-speaking countries.

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