Unlock Growth through Product Experiences

Akeneo offers Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions for marketers and eCommerce teams to collect, standardize, enrich, contextualize, and distribute product information and adapt it for each channel and locale. 

The Akeneo Product Experience Management suite includes:

  • Akeneo PIM: An open-source, enterprise-grade solution that collects, enriches, and maintains product data and digital assets. Akeneo PIM is the cornerstone of a good PXM practice and provides a platform for marketers to develop emotional product information, scoped for each channel and ready to be translated for each locale for distribution to your commerce platforms.
  • Akeneo Onboarder: a SaaS-based solution that facilitates collaborative product data onboarding directly from suppliers to the retailers/distributors/wholesalers’ Akeneo PIM instance.

Akeneo’s Product Experience Management solutions are supported by an ecosystem of technology partners that provide extensions and connectors to popular eCommerce, print, marketplace, mobile, POS, DAM platforms, and other tools.

Fast Facts about Akeneo

  • Usability is key, because software will only be truly embraced by users if it delivers value quickly, users enjoy using it, and it makes their daily lives easier.
  • Flexible and scalable, because companies have to act quickly, be agile, and always remain adaptable.
  • # 1 Enterprise Open Source System: We’ve been open source from day one.
  • Unique ecosystem: We have 120+ technology- & solution partners around the world.