Contentserv – the All-in-One Product Experience Cloud Solution

Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud enables organizations to control the total product experience – delivering contextual product information – rich, relevant, and emotional – to customers across all touch points in real-time.

Alongside the management and enrichment of product data, the Product Experience Cloud offers you collaboration services for onboarding, as well as services for the distribution of your valuable data in different channels – both digital and analogue.

Supported by the integrated data quality feature, data quality is guaranteed throughout the entire product life cycle. A guarantor for reliable product information – which customers place great value on.

With the help of the Workflow & Task Management functionality, your business processes can be individually configured covering the creation, administration, enrichment, and delivery processes of your product data. This actively supports the change management and acceptance of your transformation.

CARA, your personal assistant in Contentserv, supports you and your colleagues in daily business. Thanks to automated content enrichment and based on customer preferences, CARA recommends and compiles dynamic content. You can therefore focus on the essential tasks.

Specialisms of the system:

Product content:
Onboard and manage product data, digital assets, location data, supplier information and more in a single repository. Share consistent, accurate and up-to-date information internally and externally to online and offline channels.

Marketing content:
Create and manage high-impact campaigns, promotions, and events to address your customers’ needs considering personas, situations, and channels.

Partner & Supplier engagement:
Allow teams and external suppliers to join in your business process – design partner-specific endpoints and maintain separation between your suppliers’ catalogues and your main product catalogue.

Customer engagement:
Provide relevant and compelling product content at the right time. Enrich, manage and deliver product information to specific groups of people, industries and segments in a channel-specific and contextual way.

Content insights:
Gain intelligence on content quality through customers’ interactions with promotions and campaigns to better personalize and fine-tune your content.



Christian Feige
Head Inside Sales
Phone: +49 8442 9 253 883


Quick facts about Contentserv’s Product Experience Cloud

  • Reduce information supply chain complexity and cost
  • Bring products to market faster
  • Manage complex product information intuitively
  • Publish consistent product information across all channels in real-time
  • Communicate product information on an individual basis considering personas
  • Consider local regulations, localise content for language and market and build a global presence
  • Increase business performance and profitability
  • Strengthen customer loyalty