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Useful tips on PIM

In this section, we collect useful tips, articles and news about PIM. Learn more about important issues in PIM; understand how
they are interrelated and keep up to date with the latest developments.
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Automated Packaging Design: Efficient, Fast, and Future-Oriented

In this article, we focus on automated packaging design. This field brings efficiency and precision to packaging design and production through centrally managed data from a PIM system. We discuss the benefits of automated workflows, examine the prerequisites for their implementation, and look at future developments in the packaging industry.

Product Experience Management: From data to experience

In the dynamic world of digital commerce, Product Experience Management (PXM) has emerged as an essential component of business success. PXM goes beyond traditional marketing approaches by focusing on creating an exceptional product experience for the customer. In this article, we look at the different aspects of Product Experience Management and how companies can use it to improve their customer relationships and market presence.

4 Signs that you need a different PIM system

An outdated PIM system can quickly become an actual brake pad in today's commerce landscape, characterized by many relevant sales channels, ever-increasing competitive pressure, and a particularly dynamic and fast-paced environment. This blog article presents four signs that your software solution is outdated and that you need a new PIM system.

5 Signs you need a PIM system

Dissatisfied employees, high return rates, and far too long a time-to-market – inefficiencies in product information management take many forms. In all cases, however, existing processes need to be optimized. Read this blog article to find out when to support the management, maintenance, and delivery of product information with a PIM system.

ERP, MDM, PIM, DAM – What’s the difference?

ERP, MDM, PIM, DAM – anyone looking for a software solution today is confronted with a plethora of options and buzzwords. To help you make the right choice, we have decoded the acronyms and described the basic functions and use cases of ERP, MDM, PIM and DAM systems.

pirobase: PIM Vendor in Focus

Konstantin Stergiopoulos is Director Business Development & Sales at pirobase imperia. In the interview, he talks about the current trends and changes on the market and how pirobase PIM helps companies to master these challenges.

When PIM becomes a must: The top 5 benefits for your company

In many companies, product data management is still approached in a rather shirt-sleeved manner. Whether Excel spreadsheets or product databases from online stores, the alternatives seem simple, inexpensive, and convenient. That is, until these options reach their limits-and sooner or later, most companies do.

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