An assortment is a selected choice of offered goods (articles). Depending on the purpose, different assortments can exist within a company. Thus, there can be a selected choice of articles offered for the online shop as well as for the print catalogue. The intersection of articles can be overlapping. This allows to control that an article, for example, is exclusively sold online but cannot be found in the catalogue.
In addition to controlling the distribution channels, assortments can be created for the internal organisation of data maintenance. This way, for example, all articles with missing translations can be grouped in an assortment.
PIM systems can support users in defining assortments. Depending on the system, dynamic assortments can be defined in addition to static assortments. Static assortments contain a selection of items chosen by the user. On the other hand, dynamic assortments are comparable to search results and are linked to a condition. Thus, the scope of the assortment depends on the condition and varies at each point in time.

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