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Perfect Product Information is the Key to Your Success

Product information such as description texts, technical data, images, videos, or translations are to be available in the various sales channels at the right time. With its software solution eggheads Suite, eggheads provides you with a leading PIM/MDM platform, supporting you in all processes from data onboarding, to product and multimedia management, all the way up to publishing and data exports directly into all required sales channels.

How Do You Get Your Data Into the System?

Be it one-time imports or imports for regular use cases — eggheads Suite features built-in imports based on default dialogs, import configurators, as well as a web-based application with a graphical user interface for the onboarding process of your data suppliers. No time-consuming programming required whatsoever.

How Do You Manage Your Data?

Thanks to the flexible configurability of eggheads Suite, you can individualize the system’s data model to suit your company, products, and services. Classifications such as ETIM, eCl@ss, BIM, UNSPC, and many more pose no problem. Product information can be managed in as many languages as required. The editing process via editor, multi-editor, and other mass-management tools is not bound to a specific sales channel or medium. Lastly, you can use the versioning and search functions to maintain an up-to-date overview.

How Do You Control the Quality of Your Data?

For both imports and exports alike, eggheads Suite’s built-in data quality management makes sure that only those products are imported and exported, which fulfill specific quality requirements for specific sales channels. As part of this process, you can freely define the quality guidelines and adjust them to suit the individual sales channel. For example, you may define a different set of quality management rules for online shop and for print catalog.

How Do You Distribute the Information to Sales Channels?

Here, too, the aforementioned standard interfaces and configurators for exports into web shop, marketplaces, apps, e-procurement platforms etc. come into play. If your scope of channels also includes catalogs, you may generate them automatically page-by-page using the fully integrated print engine. Assign priorities to individual text segments so that texts can adjust automatically to the respective sales channel.

Enhance user experience and pave the way for a successful Customer Journey by supplying your sales channels with consistent product information. This standard software solution is all you need to optimize your Omni-Channel Commerce, establish a consistent product presentation, and boost your company’s overall performance.


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Fast Facts about eggheads Suite

  • Standard Software with Flexible Functionalities
  • Import and Export Configurations
  • Integrated Media Management and Layouting
  • Simple Translation and Information Management Processes
  • Brief Project Introduction