Riversand a new way to win in the digital business era

The Riversand platform offers a powerful cloud data management solution, from quick deployment to unlimited extendability for business growth.

This supports customers’ digital transformation journeys through improved business agility, faster adoption and improved collaboration across the enterprise. Riversand has a vision of helping companies know their customers better, move products faster, automate processes, mitigate risk and run their businesses smarter.

What happens when my business grows?

The Riversand platforms grows with your business need. Data volumes? Users? Product Information Management, Product Experience Management, or any kind of master data management (MDM). Riversand’s cloud platform allows you start fast and grow big. The latest technology and the speed in the cloud makes it real.


Ben Rund Riversand

Ben Rund
VP Business Development Europe
Phone: +49 1727 45 2083


Fast Facts zu riversand

  • As true native Cloud SaaS Platform is updated automatically by Riversand and is completely free with no disruption of your business
  • Simplified usability for business users and powerful capabilities for admins and power users in one interface
  • You can scale tremendously and handle unstructured as well as structured information
  • The platform & apps strategy allows customers & ßartners to build their own Apps and react agile to business needs
  • As Single Unified Data Management Platform Riversand enables PIM, PXM & MDM
  • Riversand provides Integrated Analytics and AI to drive insights and automation